Kindergarten, Primary & High Schools

Cayman has a good selection of excellent private schools, each following either the British or American curriculum.

In both systems the main student intake is for Kindergarten (British) and Pre-K (US). The most popular schools have very few places available in Year 1, so think carefully if you are offered a place and decide to delay your child’s entry for a year. Students can then remain in their chosen school up to Year 13 (UK system) and Year 12 (US system).

Schools following the UK system take GCSEs and A Levels and the US system offers either the IB programme or prepares students to take the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and attain a US High School Diploma. Exam results have been phenomenal with students in the UK system, each gaining on average 10 GCSEs and 3 A Levels, with passes from A* to C.