The Cayman Islands is a well regulated, tax neutral financial centre that is ideal for investors. Cayman is also the world’s top domicile for offshore hedge funds and the second largest captive insurance centre. It is a world leader in structured finance. Predictably, the Islands have become the offshore jurisdiction of choice for both private and institutional investors.

Also fuelling Cayman’s prominent reputation is that the highly professional and business friendly financial institutions on Island maintain a close working relationship with the Government to ensure it continues to foster a transparent and functional financial regime.

Included in this chapter are some of the top wealth management advisors in Cayman who can provide expert advice on all the asset classes available to investors on Island. Cayman also has brokerage services that offer deep discounts on online trading with a minimum deposit of US$5,000.

Further along in this chapter you will also learn tips on how to transfer your earnings and investments to Cayman or to your home country (if you are a non-resident) while fulfilling the tax requirements of that country. If you want to diversify your investment portfolio, there is one asset class that is popular among Cayman investors: property.

Cayman property is sought after by local and overseas investors as there is no direct taxation on purchasing property and as an asset, it tends to retain its value overtime. For the past two decades, the property market in Cayman has been rapidly expanding and recently, becoming even more sophisticated in terms of its offerings.

In fact, in the past six years, the luxury property market has mushroomed in Grand Cayman, particularly along the Seven Mile Beach corridor, positioning the Island as one of the top spots in the world for investors to hold high-end property. But there is something for every investor’s purse size.

In in this section we also show you how investing and storing precious metals in the Cayman Islands, such as gold and silver, is a solid investment plan for the future.

Wealth Management

There are compelling reasons for engaging the services of an investment advisor based in the Cayman Islands, either through the local office of a global firm or the asset management group of a local financial institution; expert investment guidance can be obtained in the resident’s time zone and on a personal basis.

Brokerage Services

There are a number of regulated wealth management firms based in the Cayman Islands that offer securities brokerage along with investment advisory and discretionary management services.

Saving & Investing in Cayman

Working in the Cayman Islands, especially in financial services and tourism, is about being in a first-world environment while enjoying the year-long tropical climate, white sand beaches and warm, crystal-clear sea. Working in Cayman is also particularly rewarding as earnings and any savings or income and gains from investments are tax-free.

Investing in Cayman Property

The property market in the Cayman Islands has undergone a transformation that is quickly positioning Grand Cayman as the ‘Monaco’ of the Caribbean. From swanky new builds along the Seven Mile Beach strip to undeveloped beachfront land out East, investing in property in Cayman is a solid investment for the future. Find out about the hottest investment properties on Grand Cayman.

Investing & Storing Precious Metals

The investment philosophy of many wealth management advisors is that owning gold and silver in addition to other financial products is a sound plan for serious investors. Find out how storing and purchasing precious metals in the Cayman Islands can maximise your investment portfolio and also what local companies provide investors with fully allocated, segregated and insured storage of precious metal, ensuring future investments remain secure.