Banking & Insurance

This section provides detailed information on Cayman banks and mortgages: insurance providers, investing options including wealth management, brokerage services and property opportunities and finally tax advice.

Money & Banking

This section provides detailed information on Cayman banks: how to open a bank account whether for personal use or for a business, online banking facilities, what it takes to get a local mortgage and money transfer services available in Cayman.


In this section we explain the various insurance options (including property, contents, motor, life and health) from Cayman Islands insurance providers. We also detail which companies to contact and what it required by law.


The Cayman Islands’ well-regulated, tax neutral environment is highly regarded internationally. As the world’s leading domicile for offshore hedge funds and one of the largest captive insurance centres, it is predictably the offshore jurisdiction of choice for both private and institutional investors.

Personal Tax Services & Advisors

Receiving professional tax advice may be necessary as the Cayman Islands has special reporting relationships with certain countries. Tax advisors usually have specific legal and financial expertise and can advise private individuals on tax related matters.