Telephone & Internet

Among other things, you will need to find, choose and install a telephone system, internet access and telephone service from a local carrier. For various providers and the plans they offer, along with their contact details see the Telecommunications & Internet page.

The Cayman Islands benefits from some of the best Telecoms services in the world. The main providers are C&W Business, FLOW, C3 Pure Fibre, Digicel and Logic, who all offer a varying range of services and delivery mechanisms. Two networks offer mobile phone service, FLOW and Digicel, both offering LTE data with speeds comparable to the US and Europe, and often faster. Signal quality and data speeds are generally very good across the three Islands, as the topography of the Cayman Islands affords few black spots.

Fixed Line calling rates are competitive on the International market and the service quality is generally good. Mobile phone service providers in Cayman supply the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry and other smart phones. Always check the cross-carrier rates to help in choosing what’s best for your business. International mobile phone roaming, like anywhere in the world, can be very expensive, but some business plans offer discounted roaming plans for customers that travel often.

As a startup business, whether small or large, you will be able to procure the usual services, such as Broadband up to 300Mbps, as well as fixed line telephony and more specialist Data services such as MPLS (depending on your location). Also, you may want to consider managed IT infrastructure and services being offered by some telecom operators, such as Cloud back up, business continuity, virtual data centres. Many of the choices will make setting up a business simple and easy.

Grand Cayman is serviced by two underwater fibre links: MAYA1 which connects most of the western Caribbean nations, before returning to the US and the Cayman Jamaica Fibre System (CJFS) that takes an alternative route via the eastern Caribbean back to the US. These diverse and redundant links have enough capacity to support any type of business and their data needs, with private bandwidth available to guarantee quality of service consistently and when required.

Luckily, local providers in the Cayman Islands are increasingly offering managed IT services that grow as your business does, with an easy ‘per user’ or ‘pay as you use’ approach, which removes the need for heavy financial investments as you work to set up your business on-Island.

With the general reduction in internet costs, many businesses are now providing free Wi-Fi. Camana Bay, for example, has free internet access on the entire property, as do most of the local hotels.Visit our Telephone Services and Internet pages for a complete list of providers on Cayman as well as their various rates.