Looking Forward to 2019

There are major capital developments and big changes in Cayman's infrastructure to look forward to in 2019, with the most anticipated being the completion of Owen Robert's International Airport, which has undergone a complete redesign in the last few years.

Read on for more information about the expansion of Owen Robert’s International Airport, progress updates and the completion date for the project. Also included is the Cayman Airways Fleet Modernization Plan, details of major road works, what the Dart Group have planned for 2019, and the exciting advancements made at Health City Cayman Islands in 2018, in addition to what we can expect to see happen at the hospital over the next year.

Health City Cayman Islands

Health City Cayman Islands celebrated its fourth anniversary in April 2018, with each year bringing more patients, new medical achievements and continued recognition for the hospital’s outstanding work.

Dart Projects 2019

The Dart Group show no signs of slowing down in 2019 as they get underway with several major developments in Camana Bay and reveal plans for large projects across Grand Cayman.

Major Capital Developments – Government Owen Roberts International Airport and Cayman Airways

The $55 million expansion of the Owen Roberts International Airport in Grand Cayman is nearing completion, Cayman Airways celebrated their 50th anniversary, and progress has been made with the airline’s Fleet Modernization Plan.

Stimulating Growth in the Capital

Redeveloping Cayman’s capital has been a priority for successive governments and also business owners in George Town that rely primarily on retail sales to generate income.

Major Road Work & Expansions

2017/2018 has seen the completion of many major road works in Grand Cayman and, for anyone who drives during the ever-widening rush hour(s!) window, these new roads could not have come soon enough.

Waste Management

The announcement in October 2017 that a Dart-led group has been awarded the responsibility for the implementation of an Integrated Solid Waste Management System (ISWM) was met with eager excitement from the community. However, there has been little progress made on this project in 2018.