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Foster’s IGA

Foster’s is well-known for fresh produce, meat and fish, natural products and a wide selection of IGA and President’s Choice products, which offer excellent quality at great value.

Foster’s is also the exclusive distributor of Waitrose products from England. They have five locations across the Island from Seven Mile Beach to East End, making them the largest supermarket chain in the Cayman Islands.

Though their stores are similar in format, their largest store at The Strand on Seven Mile Beach provides more products for tourists and expatriates who may be seeking comfort foods from home.

Foster’s also provides family meals for tourists who want lunch, dinner or themed beach-day refreshments. And at Christmas time Foster’s brings in all kinds of traditional English treats including mince pies, Christmas pudding, brandy butter, chocolate log rolls and other goodies which get snapped up very quickly!

Their friendly staff is always available to answer any questions you may have.


Foster’s Food Fair: Airport Centre, Tel: (345) 949 5155

Foster’s Food Fair: The Strand, West Bay Road, Tel: (345) 945 4748

Foster’s Food Fair: Republix Plaza in West Bay, Tel: (345) 949 3214

Foster’s Food Fair: Countryside Shopping Village in Savannah, Tel: (345) 943 5155

Foster’s Food Fair: East End (opposite Morritt’s Tortuga Club) in East End, Tel: (345) 947 2826.

Priced Right: Airport Centre, Tel: (345) 945 7283. Open 8am to 9pm Monday to Saturday. Closed on Sunday.

All Foster Food Fair locations are open Monday to Saturday 7am-11pm, except the East End branch, which is open Monday to Thursday 7am-7pm and Friday and Saturday 7am-9pm. All locations are open from 9am-6pm on Public Holidays and closed on Sundays.


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