Acquisition of the Right to be a Caymanian

Persons who have been married to a Caymanian for seven years can also apply for the Right to be Caymanian. The surviving spouse of a Caymanian can apply for the Right to be Caymanian as long as they had been married for seven years and fulfil the other criteria.

A person who is the child (or grandchild) of a Caymanian, no matter the basis on which the parent became Caymanian, is generally considered a Caymanian if he/she is born subsequent to their parent becoming a Caymanian as of right. The Governor in Cabinet may, in exceptional circumstances, grant the Right to be Caymanian to up to four persons in any year.

A person who is a British Overseas Territories Citizen by reason of a certificate of naturalization or registration issued under the British Nationality Act 1981 by virtue of his connection with the Islands may apply for the Right to Be Caymanian.

Very importantly, a teenager who has attained the age of seventeen and who has Caymanian Status MUST reapply for the Continuation of the Right to Be Caymanian BEFORE they reach the age of eighteen (which is when the right expires). They must have been legally and ordinarily resident in the Cayman Islands for at least five out of the seven years immediately preceding years (other than for education/boarding school and medical absences) the date of their application.

Any Caymanian who acquired the right to be Caymanian can lose that right if they have not met various residency requirements or, for example, if they are convicted of an offence which was made possible by, facilitated by or connected with the grant of the Right to be Caymanian.

The applications is not unduly onerous. For example if you are applying for the Right to be a Caymanian on the grounds of decent (a parent or grandparent is a Caymanian) then you will need to submit all of the following:

1) Cover Letter – Stating the grounds under which the applicant is making the application. Clearly state the full name and relation (parent or grandparent) of Caymanian connection.

2) Duplicate Application Forms

3) Fees (CI$250)

4) Evidence of Birth of all Related Persons and all copies certified/notarized

5) Marriage Certificate of Applicant’s Parents (if applying through Caymanian father)

6) Marriage Certificate of Applicant’s Grandparents (if applying through paternal Caymanian grandparent)

7) DNA (if applying through Caymanian father and parents were not married at the time of your birth and/or between applicant, parent and grandparent as necessary to establish proof of paternity and familial connection.)  DNA tests will be accepted from the Cayman Islands, The USA and the UK. Permission must be obtained from the Board prior to testing in any other jurisdiction.

8) Original Medical Questionnaire – The Medical Questionnaire may be no older than three years, with blood work completed within six months of submission of  the application

9) References – Three written references from persons who have known you for at least 3 years along with proof that the referees are Caymanian. Include proof of the referees’ identity.

10) Photographs
1 full face with name and date of birth on back.

11) Proof of Identity – Certified/notarized copy of applicant’s valid passport photo and ID page.

12) Police Clearance – Original signed and sealed – valid for six (6) months only