Becoming a Caymanian

Naturalisation and Acquisition of the Right to be Caymanian are two methods in which residents can apply to become a Caymanian.


People who have Permanent Residency MUST apply to be naturalised before they can apply for Cayman Status. People who are applying on the basis of marriage generally only require three years of total residence. However those married to a British Overseas Territories Citizen (BOTC) generally become Caymanian through seven years of marriage to a Caymanian and do not need to be a BOTC themselves first.

Application is made to the Deputy Governor’s Office and, upon grant, the applicant becomes a BOTC by virtue of a connection to the Cayman Islands. This entitles the applicant to a Cayman Islands passport but does not make the applicant a Caymanian (i.e. does not grant Status) or give them a right to work or even necessarily to reside in the Islands. It does however normally entitle the holder to ultimately apply for the Right To Be Caymanian provided they remain legally and ordinarily resident in Cayman. The following page has all the information you need to know about getting naturalised in the Cayman Islands.

Acquisition of the Right to be a Caymanian

Those that can apply for the Right to be Caymanian include people who have been married to a Caymanian for seven years; the surviving spouse of a Caymanian (as long as they were married to the Caymanian for seven years before they died); a person who is a child of a Caymanian (as long as the child was born after their parents became Caymanian As of Right); and finally the Governor in Cabinet can, in exceptional circumstances, grant the Right to be Caymanian to up to four persons in any year.