Things to Do

Being so close to the beach, Cayman has a wealth of beach and water 'Things to Do' - from a sunset paddle along SMB, a Sunday morning fishing excurison or family boat outing to Rum Point, there are a wealth of water based activities for adults and kids to enjoy. Speaking of the water - if you've previously never been a scuba diver, the clear waters of the Caribbean Sea might quickly change your mind. Sport diving more of your thing? Read on to find out how to become part of the Lionfish culling team to help save our reefs from this evasive species.

For those who are fitness minded, Cayman’s sunny climate is perfect for the outdoorsy types! Prefer a ‘cooler’ workout regime? We have tons of Gyms and alternative fitness activities to indulge in.

Culturally, Cayman might be young but there are tons of things to do to further your knowledge of the island – a mastic trail hike, a quick visit to the Cayman National Museum or perhaps a trip out East to the Botanic Park are some fabulous and fun suggestions!

Also be sure to check out our Community page for helpful tips on how to live a more “Green” and eco-friendly life in Cayman. If you are you an eco-warrior and want to help protect the environment, we provide a list of the top environmental organisations in the Cayman Islands.

Prefer to eat local? Be sure to check out Cayman’s three local farmer’s markets.


This section provides a wealth of information on activities, tours and trips available in the Cayman Islands. The attractions are great options for weekend adventures in Cayman, as well as ideas to keep all your guests entertained! For even more details on tour prices, times and promotions, visit or download the app for iPhone or iPad. For details on sporting activities for adults see the Sports & Fitness section.


To assist you in establishing a social life in Cayman, this section gives detailed information on the Islands’ social clubs, service clubs and voluntary organisations. In addition, you will find a list of the major events in Cayman’s calendar plus some of the weekly religious services held in the Cayman Islands. We also give tips and advice on living a greener life in Cayman as well as what to do in the event of a hurricane.

Boating & Fishing

As beautifully noted by Jacques Cousteau, “The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” The Cayman Islands are globally renowned for their beautiful water which is warm, blue and crystal clear. As an idyllic location for boaters, fishermen, snorkelers and naturalists, we have an entire section dedicated to the joy of being on the water.

Activities for Kids & Teens

This section outlines in great detail many of the activities available for children and teens in the Cayman Islands. With such a tightly-knit community of parents and families, we have gathered advice and information about local favourites to help keep your kids entertained, educated and their schedules busy.

Kids Christmas Camps

Keep your child happy and active during the Christmas break! Whether your child prefers sports or arts and crafts, we have listed the following camps to help you decide which is the best fit for your little one. We will continue to add to this each year and update it, so be sure to check back. Click the Read More button to view all the Christmas camps offered in Cayman over Christmas 2017.

Kids February Half Term Camps

Keep your child entertained this 2018 February Half Term break! Whether your child prefers sports, arts and crafts, or an assortment of activities, we have listed the following camps to help you decide which suits your little one best. We will continue to add to this each year and update it, so be sure to check back.

Kids Easter Camps

Whether your child is active and needs a sporty camp over Easter, or they are a budding artist and would like nothing more than to do arts and crafts, or they need help catching up on some school work, we have listed the following camps for Easter 2018 to help you decide. We will continue to add to this each year and update it so check back. Click the Read More button to view all the Easter camps in Cayman.

Kids Summer Camps

While many families do choose to travel overseas during the summer months, a large number remain in Cayman to take advantage of the awesome activities available on the Island. From sailing camps to culinary camps, art camps to cultural camps, not to mention loads of free Bible school camps and an amazing YMCA camp, Grand Cayman has a wide selection of summer time fun to suit almost every interest and budget! So check out the Island’s most comprehensive summer camp listings right here on Cayman Resident.

Sports & Fitness

Living in Cayman gives residents the opportunity to explore a wide variety of sports at all levels. The year round warm weather and generally shorter working hours, when compared to big cities, means that after work training and games are a way of life.


As residents of these Islands, we are well aware that the Cayman Islands are world renowned for their incredible scuba diving and snorkelling. Underwater visibility is second to none, there are virtually no currents and the Caribbean Sea is warm and calm.

Cultural Activities

Cayman has plenty of cultural activities to suit all tastes and budgets. From the National Trust, National Museum and National Gallery, to book clubs, the theatre and music schools, Cayman has it covered.

Food & Drink

Open a menu at any of Grand Cayman’s top restaurants and you will be able to point to the requisite grilled local catch, but these days, you are more likely to find something unexpected. From oxtail ravioli to coconut “bacon”, the local food scene is not only expansive, but it has become incredibly innovative. Cayman is truly the culinary capital of the Caribbean.


After you’ve had the chance to explore the rich local culture of Grand Cayman, it’s time to venture off and explore the Sister Islands and the conveniently close neighbouring tourist destinations, easily accessible from Owen Roberts International Airport. Discover the lush forests and diverse birdlife of Honduras and Costa Rica, the mysterious caves, pure shores and unspoilt beaches of our Sister Islands or visit the tobacco fields and experience salsa night life in Cuba. Whatever your travel fancy, Grand Cayman is your gateway to a world of Caribbean adventure.

Drone Photography

Read on to learn more about the rules and regulations for flying drones in the Cayman Islands. You are legally bound to observe these rules, so make sure you are on the right side of the law!