Local Food Products

Mango jam, pepper jelly, sticky toffee pudding, Cayman brewed larger, drunken rum cake, and fresh honey, are just a few of our favourite Caymanian specialty foods.

Tortuga Rum Company (Tel: (345) 623 7701) manufactures wonderful rum cakes that you can watch them make. Call for a tour of the 5,000sq ft facility.

Cayman Sea Salt (Tel: (345) 943 7258) sells their locally produced sea salt in most supermarkets, gift shops and at the Pure Art Gallery.

Cayman Islands Brewery (Tel: (345) 947 6699) produces six locally brewed beers which people can sample at their factory in Prospect.

Cayman Spirits Co. Distillery (Tel: (345) 943 4786) produces locally handcrafted spirits, in small numbered batches. Their collection of fine spirits include Seven Fathom Rum, Governor’s Reserve, Gun Bay Vodka, and lots of seasonal specialties. To book a tour call or email tours@rum.ky.

Kombucha tea is brewed on Island by plant-based food delivery company, Saucha (Tel: (345) 926 0508), Jessie’s Juice Bar (Tel: (345) 949 2012) and by Elizabeth Chisholm (Tel: (345) 916 4759) who can deliver a range of flavours, including decaf varieties, straight to your home or office. Email: thechisholms@candw.ky for more information.

For over 30 years, Cayman Honey (Tel: (345) 947 1255) has been produced by bees owned by Sybil and Otto Watler and is well known as a local delicacy. They operate out of a house in Savannah and are very welcoming to visitors who would like to sample and buy their honey. They also sell it in the local grocery stores.

Cayman Islands Sauce Company (Tel: (345) 516 2467) produces a hot sauce from the extremely hot scotch bonnet pepper. Carol Hay of Cayman Pepper Patch makes delicious Gourmet Pepper Jelly that can be bought at supermarkets and select gift shops on Grand Cayman and Mary Lou’s liquor shop in Cayman Brac. Check her out at www.caymanpepperpatch.com.

Sticky Toffee Pudding is a delicious Island speciality made locally and can be purchased from Foster’s Grocery Stores.

Ms. Anna Elverson of A Small Back Yard sells fresh bread and home-made marmalades at the Farmer’s Market and Market at the Grounds. Occasionally she also has eggs from her happy family of uncaged chickens. Email: asmallbackyard@gmail.com for more information.

From April to October, you can find Hank Ebanks on the roadside selling white land crabs outside the Mango Tree restaurant, on the way to the airport. He sells crabs for CI$2 a piece.

Josh Clark of The Farmacy grow and deliver fresh, seasonal produce. Their farm fresh veg boxes cost $35 and contain a mixture of locally grown vegetables, fruits and a dozen eggs all delivered straight to your door every two weeks.

If you are new to the Island and have not sampled an authentic Caymanian dish such as conch stew or a fresh fish fry, stop by one of Cayman’s favourite local haunts. Amelia’s Kitchen (Tel: (345) 949 5522), Heritage Kitchen (Tel: (345) 939 3474), Kurt’s Korner (Tel: (345) 947 8899) and Vivine’s Kitchen (Tel: (345) 947 7435) and Eastern Star Bar & Grill (Tel: (345) 526 5945). Be sure to top off your meal with one of Cayman’s sweet “heavy” cakes made from cassava or corn! Custard-top corn bread made with rich coconut cream is absolutely sinful.

For some savoury ‘street food’, Jamaican Jerk is big in the Cayman Islands! Try Mango Tree (Tel: (345) 946 8333), Peppers Bar & Grill (Tel: (345) 943 3000), Di Kit-Chin (Tel: (345) 929 8571) and Rankin’s Jerk Pit (Tel: (345) 947 3155).