In this section you'll find valuable information about renting a home or apartment in the Cayman Islands. Also listed are helpful tips on starting your search, related costs when you rent in Grand Cayman and also a list of realtors who specialise in renting homes and apartments.

Renting a Property

If you are looking for property rentals in the Cayman Islands, it is typical to use a real estate agent who specialises in rentals as they often have the best listing for rental accommodation. There service is free, as the owners hire agents to find tenants.

Condo & Villa Vacation Rentals

Both Grand Cayman and Little Cayman have great options for vacation rentals. Keep reading to find out where to find the perfect beachside weekend retreat… and remember, Little Cayman is just a mere 30 minutes away by plane – perfect for when you just need to unplug, unwind and relax.

Property Management

Numerous companies in the Cayman Islands offer full property management services. For the extensive number of property owners who live overseas and only visit the Cayman Islands on a periodic basis, this is an invaluable service.