Home Insurance Overview

In this section we explain the various home insurance options available when a purchasing home. Not many people know that you must have Life Insurance before purchasing a home in the Cayman Islands, so that, plus home insurance (and hurricane insurance) are things that can affect your finances when purchasing a home.

Life Insurance for Home Ownership

Numerous providers offer life insurance in Cayman. With life insurance, as with any product of this nature, it is definitely worth your while to shop around and check quotes, coverage terms, reputation and customer service strengths of several providers.

Contents Insurance

Budget on about CI$600 per CI$25,000 of coverage. If you are renting a property, your landlord may have insurance to cover the contents provided in your unit, but anything belonging to you needs to be covered in your own policy.

House Insurance

The average cost of annual house insurance is based upon a percentage of the property value and generally includes liability insurance. Waterfront properties may attract higher insurance rates depending on the value of the property, their proximity to the water and height above sea level.

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