Home Inspections

If you were to buy property in the United Kingdom, you would have a Chartered Building Survey completed. On the other hand, if you lived in the United States you would have a full home inspection done by a licensed home inspector.

There are companies that provide both services in the Cayman Islands and it is highly recommended that you have one done when purchasing a home. This section will provide information about these two distinct services.

A Building Condition Survey will include an inspection by a civil or structural engineer who will examine the roof, insulation, flooring and the condition of the walls of your home, as well as other structural areas. They will also check whether your appliances are up to code and will recommend whether an MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) report needs to be done by a professional technician.

A Home Inspection conducted by a licensed home inspector will include a full examination which will consist of structural components such as foundations, floors, walls, ceilings, hurricane straps and roof. They will also check all interior components – doors, windows and all appliances, testing the safety and functionality of all items. A licensed home inspector is also qualified to inspect the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems of the home. An inspection report is then provided, noting all findings, and actions for remediation.

A similar approach should be taken when seeking to purchase a plot of land; while it may look like the lot is filled properly, it may be overlying soft peat or have other ground conditions which would require you to pile your future property at the cost of tens of thousands of dollars. Therefore, a site investigation is a must. A simple trial pit or more complex borehole test and accompanying report will reveal the build-up of the underlying ground conditions. This technical data can then be utilised by your structural engineer when designing and calculating the foundation structure that is necessary to support your home. In fact, almost all builders will require this report before commencing construction on any parcel of land especially canal front property in Grand Cayman.

SEL Consulting (Small Engineering Ltd.)

SEL Consulting are consulting engineers that are members of Cayman’s equivalent of Institution of Civil Engineers called CASE.

Tel: +1 345 947 9330 Email: selsam@candw.ky www.selconsulting.net

Utopia Realty

Utopia Home Inspections (UHI) is a professional home inspection service provider offering thorough and accurate inspections.

Tel: +1 345 325 6372 Email: utopiacaymanrealty@gmail.com www.utopiacaymanrealty.com

WestPoint Inspections

A team of professional general contractors and home inspectors licensed and qualified to operate in the US and the Cayman Islands.

Tel: +1 345 936 2454 Email: info@westpoint-inspections.com www.westpoint-inspections.com