The 288 homes currently on the market (July 2018) can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes, locations and at prices ranging from a cottage in Cayman Brac at US$130,000 to a palace on Grand Cayman at US$39,950,000!

The luxury home market (US$5million+) has been a little sluggish aside from a couple of sales, but buying a home is more of a full-time commitment to be in Cayman than a condo purchase is, which accounts for some of the apparent market reluctance. The biggest disconnect in the single-family home market is between sellers (with years of Cayman experience) who have built luxury homes on the beach at a distance from George Town and Seven Mile Beach, for privacy and Island atmosphere, and buyers (with little or no Cayman experience) who think anything farther east than South Sound is too far to go. Having said that, for inland properties, which are generally purchased by full time local residents, the driving time and distance from town is a major factor in the attractiveness of a property, and thus is reflected in the price.

It is best to take counsel with a CIREBA realtor who should know the areas, styles, and amenities to suit your desires.