Building a Home

This section will provide prospective home owners with detailed information on the various approaches one can follow when building a home in the Cayman Islands, including the associated pros and cons on things that need to be considered.

Constructing a home or commercial property is not always a straight forward process. For most people, it will be one of the most significant investments of their lives, tethering them to a large debt that may take decades to pay off. But smart choices along the way can significantly reduce the stress of building that for some, will last several years.

Building horror stories or advice exchanged at cocktail parties is usually not the most reliable form of information, so getting some professional guidance before beginning may help you to decide whether you have the fortitude, money and patience to weather the process. Here are a few of the tips you may consider regardless of whether building a commercial or a residential property:

Advice on Building your Home

With the ready availability of land in the Cayman Islands, building is not just a dream, it can quite easily become a reality. Cayman is also one of the most sought after destinations in the region to build a home because of the amazing lifestyle that living here affords home owners. This section will provide prospective home owners (or builders) with detailed information on the various approaches one can follow when building in the Cayman Islands, including the associated pros and cons on things that need to be considered.

Building Options

There are many ways to go about the process of designing and building a house. What method is right for you depends largely upon the construction contract method that you choose to follow. The most common local approaches to building a home are listed below:

Building Materials

In this section we focus on primary building materials used in the Cayman Islands: concrete blocks, driveway and walkway surfacing, Insulate Concrete Forms (ICF) and spray foam.

Construction Management

A construction manager can be engaged to work along with the architect, providing costing and construction advice during the design development stages.


Finding a qualified architect in the Cayman Islands to design your home will not be difficult. There are a number of architectural firms on the Island that provide superior design services, which is evidenced by the exceptional quality and high aesthetic of the many flagship homes and commercial buildings found in Cayman.

Land Surveyors

Purchasing land to build a home is an exciting exercise for anyone. Before you purchase your land, you may need to hire a chartered land surveyor to evaluate your potential purchase (this is most often a requirement from banks and they have a list of approved surveyors).

Roofing Contractors

The old adage, that you should always have a good roof over your head, proved to be of critical importance to people living in the Cayman Islands after the passage of Hurricane Ivan in 2004. There are some essential components to a house that one should never skimp on when building, a roof is one of them.

General Contractors

There is no shortage of general contractors and builders operating in the Cayman Islands. Click ‘Read More’ for a selection for you to choose from when constructing a home or planning a major renovation:

Civil & Structural Engineers

Cayman is well equipped with respected engineering firms and consultants that cover many engineering disciplines such as civil, structural, geotechnical and environmental engineering.

Chartered Quantity Surveyors

A quantity surveyor – a professional you may need to hire when building your home in the Cayman Islands – assesses all costs related to construction, from a project’s inception.

Project Managers

If you have a construction project in Cayman that requires a professional to oversee the planning and execution of it, then you need a professional project manager. A good project manager will be able to look over your proposed project to determine how and when the work will be performed by the contractor, including all the prep work that must be completed before building begins. Read on to learn where to hire a project manager in Cayman.