Where to Have your Baby

In 2017, CTMH Doctors Hospital re-opened its maternity ward, offering four dedicated private maternity suites with two birthing beds. Additionally, the Cayman Islands Hospital (CIH), which is part of the Government’s Cayman Islands Health Services Authority, is home to the longest standing maternity ward on Island and is located in George Town.

You can choose between using a private doctor or having your baby under hospital midwife care. If you decide on the latter option, you should register at the Women’s Health Centre in the Cayman Islands Hospital as soon as possible.

If you have a high-risk pregnancy or potentially difficult delivery, you may prefer to deliver your baby at a hospital in the United States. If your newborn requires level three neonatal intensive care, then it will have to be airlifted to a bigger centre, normally in Florida. If this is required, it is worth noting that your newborn will still require a passport to travel. Organising all of these in a rush could be very complicated. Therefore, make sure your documents are in order and at hand should you need them. See our Overseas Treatment Facilities section for more information.

Make sure you enquire about immigration issues, citizenship, healthcare insurance coverage, visas, accommodation, transportation and local laws before you consider it as a possibility.

Once the mother reaches seven months of pregnancy the airlines will demand to see a letter signed by the OB/GYN stating that the mother is fit to travel.

The Cayman Islands Hospital (CIH)
95 Hospital Road, George Town
Maternity Unit Tel: (345) 244 2842/2841
The CIH Maternity Unit caters to over 600 births a year and is located on the ground floor of Building 3. It is well signposted from the main entrance. The facility has five double and three single rooms providing a total of 13 beds, plus three labour/delivery rooms.

All rooms have en-suite toilet and shower facilities. This hospital caters to both low and high-risk mothers and babies, offering services in antenatal care, labour and delivery, postnatal care (including normal births, multiple births, breech, vacuum and forceps) and caesarean section deliveries. The maternity unit staff consists of well-qualified and fully trained professionals, including midwives, obstetricians, paediatricians, neonatal nurses, nursing assistants and ancillary support staff.

If you are a private patient, a midwife or your OB/ GYN will monitor you throughout your labour and your OB/GYN will be present for the birth of your baby.

If you are a patient of the Women’s Health Centre, a midwife also monitors your labour and will deliver your baby; however the OB/GYN will be available and only be called if there is need for intervention. Epidural services are available for both private and midwives’ patients.

There is also a small level two neonatal unit with six spaces, providing care for premature babies 28 weeks and older, or for those who have a medical condition that requires more intensive management and care.

Discharged mothers and babies will also be visited by community health nurses for a couple of weeks after their discharge. This visit is usually once a week, or more regularly if needed. It is a great resource for new mothers who may be far from home and need a little reassurance once home alone with a newborn.

CTMH Doctors Hospital
16 Middle Road, off Walkers Road, GT
Tel: (345) 949 6066 Fax: (345) 945 1695
The CTMH Doctors Hospital Maternity Unit is part of the recently rebranded and renovated eighteen bed medical and surgical hospital. They offer the only private maternity suites in the country that provides an alternative birthing experience designed to offer a spa-like atmosphere while providing safe, evidenced-based care.

Their obstetrics and paediatric team are prepared for labour and delivery, including C-section deliveries and recovery. Birthing rooms have supportive, ergonomic birthing beds and the unit is fully equipped with incubators, ventilators, phototherapy machines and a small refrigerator to store breast milk in the mother’s room.

Nurse Midwives have over 10 plus years’ experience and provide breast feeding support. The hospital also provides the first outfit to all newborns and a care package to mothers. Other services include: prenatal, Lamaze and antenatal classes plus postnatal doula and lactation services.

CTMH Doctors Hospital

Dr. Rina Bernard MD
Dr. Renisha David MBBS BSC MRCGP (General Physician)
Dr. Sidney Ebanks MBBS (General Physician)
Dr. Enoka Richens MBBS CCFP
Dr. Andrew Robinson MBBS (General Physician)

Tel: +1 345 949 6066 www.doctorshospitalcayman.com/

Health Services Authority – Cayman Islands Hospital

A modern 124-bed hospital, in George Town, encompassing 139,066sq ft on two storeys and is the principal health care facility in the country

Tel: +1 345 949 8600 Email: info@hsa.ky www.hsa.ky