Safety At Home

It’s a good idea to do a safety appraisal of your home, but don't get too stressed about having all the safety measures in place before bringing your baby home.

You will have three or four months until your baby will roll over, with crawling only coming at around six months of age or later. By the time he/she is a year old and starting to walk around, the safety measures should definitely be in place though. Toilet and cupboard locks, stair gates, bath grip mats, corner protectors and electrical socket plugs are all easy and affordable ways to make your home safer.

You will find a good selection of baby proofing equipment at A.L. Thompson’s, Kirk Home and the Baby Shoppe. You should also consider fencing (and perhaps an alarm system) if you have a pool. Contact Oasis Pool & Spa (345) 916 7665 or Pool Patrol (345) 949 8543. Fitness Connection (345) 949 8485 offers pool safety and swimming lessons for little ones from three months of age. They also teach nannies how to swim and offer CPR, First Aid, AED, Lifeguard and SAI STAR certifications to put safety first in your home.

Check your garden for noxious plants near the house or play areas that might pose a threat if ingested by young children. In addition, citronella oil which is commonly used locally as a mosquito deterrent in lamps and Tiki torches poses a danger. When ingested or inhaled it coats the delicate tissues of the lungs, causing chemical pneumonia and can trigger fatal pulmonary arrest. Make sure that any such bottles and torches are stored out of reach. If you find your baby with part of a plant, or if you suspect a household product may have been ingested, even if your baby is awake and alert, it is prudent to call the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Poison Helpline (USA) (Tel: 1 (800) 222 1222) to check if the substance is potentially dangerous. Alternatively, take your child to the emergency unit of the hospital.