Costs of Having a Baby On-Island

Once you have selected a doctor and hospital, be sure to call your insurance provider and discuss the fees in relation to your insurance coverage. You will want to ask about your prenatal care, the cost of the delivery and the immediate care of your newborn baby.

The amount of coverage will depend on your insurance plan; it may be anything from 100% to nothing at all. If you are pregnant upon arriving in Cayman, your pregnancy may be considered a ‘pre-existing condition’ and may not be covered by your new insurance policy. Some insurance plans require a 10-month waiting period before they will cover your pregnancy and some have a limit on prenatal care, e.g., CI$500 at 100%. You should also find out about adding your new baby to your insurance policy from the moment of the birth. For a full breakdown, pick up our sister publication Cayman Parent Magazine.

Having a baby in Cayman is expensive and there is no free healthcare. You have the choice between having your baby delivered by a midwife at the Cayman Islands Hospital (CIH) in George Town and the hospital’s Obstetrician will be called only if it is deemed necessary. Alternatively, you can choose to have a private Obstetrician who will then follow you through your pregnancy and be with you through your labour and the delivery of your baby. See our Obstetricians page for their details. In the case of the private Obstetrician you will have to pay her/his fees separately to the fees owed to the hospital. Gift certificates can be purchased by friends and family at CIH, to be used by a mother towards any medical costs for any amount from CI$25. Call Carene Osborne at CIH on (345) 244 2597 for more information.