Baby/Child Passports & Visas

Obtaining a Passport/Visa for your child is probably the last thing on your mind after giving birth, but on a small island, you never know what kind of emergency can arise needing you (and the family!) to suddenly leave the island.

First and foremost, you must obtain a birth certificate for your child (and most likely also present the mother’s birth certificate) prior to making an application for a child passport. Much more information on getting a passport for your child is listed in the Visas & Passports section under the information on passports. If you will be seeking a US Visa, Kingston is the home jurisdiction of Cayman and where you should get a visa.

Registering Birth & Passports

After you give birth to your child the hospital will issue a Live Birth Notification Form. The parents will be given a copy of this and the original is sent by the hospital to the Registrar of Births.

The next step requires one of the parents, if married, or both parents, if you are not married, to go to the Registrar of Births, on the ground floor of the Government Administration Building, Elgin Avenue (Tel: (345) 244 3101/3103 or email: with the completed Birth Form, a marriage certificate (if married overseas) and your passports.

Residents of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman can register their children at the District Commissioner’s Office on Cayman Brac. By law, you must register your child within three months of birth, regardless of your nationality. There is no charge to register your child; however, a copy of your child’s birth certificate from the Registrar of Births will cost CI$10 per copy. Extra copies can also be ordered after registration from

American Passports for Babies

If you are a US citizen who recently had a child in the Cayman Islands, you need to apply for a ‘Consular Report of Birth Abroad’ as well as a passport for your child. All this can be done through the Consular Agency.

British Passports for Babies

Application forms for British passports (renewals or new passports) can be downloaded from, along with a list of what needs to be submitted and applicable fees. There are special rules if you have adopted a child, or if the child was born through assisted reproduction or surrogacy. See the Visas & Passports page for more information and details of applying.

British Overseas Territory & Caymanian Passports

Contact the Cayman Islands Passport Office (Tel: (345) 943 7678 ext 6), located at Sussex House on Elgin Avenue, by the Immigration Department. Forms can be downloaded from The office is open Monday-Friday, 8.30am-4pm for enquiries.

Canadian Passports for Babies

The Canadian Consulate is located on the 1st floor, Landmark Square, 64 Earth Close (off West Bay Road near the Strand Shopping Centre) and is open Monday-Thursday 10am-1pm. Tel: (345) 949 9400 or email: They offer assistance in obtaining Canadian citizenship (and a passport) for children born in Cayman to Canadian parents.

Jamaican Passports for Babies

The Jamaican Consular Office (Tel: (345) 949 9526) is open Monday-Friday, 8.30am-2.30pm and can be contacted at Tel: (345) 949 9526. By law, Jamaican passport holders are required to obtain a visa to visit Cayman with the exemption being children under the age of 14 and adults over the age of 71. Babies born outside of Jamaica of Jamaican parent(s), must first obtain Jamaican citizenship prior to applying for a passport. Visit for complete information and application requirements.

Other Nationalities

The Portfolio of Internal and External Affairs of the Cayman Islands Government and the Office of the Governor have assembled contact details for the consular representatives of other countries. See the Visas & Passports page for a list with contact details.

Dependant Permit

Children born on the Island to expats are not automatically entitled to citizenship unless one or both of their parents are either Caymanian or have been granted status or Permanent Residency. If you are on a work permit, your baby must be added as a dependant on your work permit.