Caring for your baby

Cayman has a wealth of Paediatricians and Dentists who specialise in child health, immunisations and child dental care both in the private and public health sector.

Choosing a Paediatrician

It is a good idea to ask friends for recommendations for a Paediatrician, but bear in mind that your priorities may not be exactly the same. It is important that you click with the doctor and that you would feel comfortable asking questions about any problems such as breastfeeding issues.

Baby Dental Care

It is important to introduce your baby to your family dentist as early as possible. Encouraging your child to trust their dentist will reap rewards as they grow, and help to prevent gum disease and dental problems.

Immunisations for Children

Immunisations are carried out by private paediatricians, the Public Health Clinic of the Cayman Islands Hospital or the District Health Centres. If you choose to use the Public Health Clinic (Tel: (345) 244 2648) you should make your appointment well in advance.

Physical Therapies For Your Baby

The birth process can sometimes be a traumatic event for a baby and the primary cause of a spinal misalignment, parents could consider having their newborn examined by a chiropractor for subluxation after birth.

Dr. Jennifer Royer (Tel: (345) 946 2225) specialises in neonatal therapies and Dr. Jody Hrynuik at Synergy Chiropractic & Physiotherapy ( specialises in perinatal and paediatric care. Tenson Edmonds (Tel: (345) 949 6024) at RVC Rehab Services, treats all neurological birth defects in children.

Breast Feeding & Postpartum Support

Cayman offers a good selection of experts who can help you in the first few days and weeks after giving birth, whether it’s lactation advice or general newborn baby care. This is especially helpful for those who do not have family close by.