After Having a Baby

The moment after having a baby can definitely be overwhelming... and that's before you've even left the hospital! This section is dedicated to easing your way into motherhood on Cayman. Here we recommend good doctors and dentists for your new arrival, point out some great baby and toddler playgroups, along with advising on the best stores for baby food and baby clothes for your newborn.

Baby & Toddler Activities & Groups

There are a good number of playgroups and other activities for mothers and babies which meet on a weekly basis. These are great places to meet people especially if you are new to Cayman.

Caring for your baby

Cayman has a wealth of Paediatricians and Dentists who specialise in child health, immunisations and child dental care both in the private and public health sector.

Pregnancy, Newborn and Family Photography

In Cayman, there are a number of photographers who take beautiful pictures of family, from pregnancy shots, newborn photography and studio and location family shoots – you can even have your family pet included in the pictures.

Baby & Toddler Equipment & Clothes

Baby, toddler and children’s clothes, equipment and toys can be bought from the following stores.

Baby Food

Nearly everything you would expect to find in a large American or UK supermarket can also be found here. Brands you’ll recognise include the Earth’s Best, Gerber and Organix baby food lines; Ella’s Kitchen, Enfamil and Similac formula lines.

Most of the stores carry some fresh or frozen organic produce. Kirk MarketBay Market and Foster’s (Strand and Camana Bay locations) have a good line of frozen organic vegetables, fruits and soy-based, lactose-free and goat’s milk products for those with food intolerances and allergies.

They also carry a range of natural and organic meats as well as soft rusks, teething biscuits, whole grain cereals, snacks, Earth’s Best Organic baby food and Ella’s Kitchen fruit smoothies.