These organisations provide excellent support for sufferers of mental health disorders, behaviour and relationship issues, substance abuse, and other issues.

Confidentiality is ensured. As there is some overlap between Psychology, Psychotherapy and Counselling, it is advisable to check a practitioner’s areas of practice and seek advice before starting treatment.

Some insurance companies do request a referral letter from a physician to establish coverage.

Refer to the Support Groups page for a list of local support groups.

Infinite Mind Care

Confidential evidence-based counseling for children, adolescents & adults. Licensed registered Master's & Doctorate Psychologists/Counselors

Tel: +1 345 926 0882 Email:

Cayman ABA

Anoush Dadian, BA, M.Ed, BCBA, CAS
Charlotte Liesman, M.Ed., BCBA
Natalie Cutting, M.Ed., BCBA
Derek Oliver, MA, RBT
Mary Jean Visto, BA, RBT
Denise Talatinian, BA, RBT
Stephanie Ojos, BSN, RBT
Erica Mae Matoza, BA, RBT
Evelyn Ebanks, RBT
Daniel Bodden, BS, RBT
Stephanie Espeut, AA

Tel: +1 345 947 5477 Email:

Hope Academy

Pauline VanderGrinten MHC
Nadine Maxner (Psychologist)
Tonia Condor (Counselor)
Jason Jones (Counselor)
Elizabeth Lancaster (Counselor)
Carla Mueller (Counselor)
Dr. Morgan Panora (Paediatric Neuropsychologist)
Dr. Jill Kelderman Walsh (Paediatric Neuropsychologist)

Tel: +1 345 769 4673 Email:

The Wellness Centre

The Wellness Centre is a licensed health facility providing children and their families with confidential and professional psychological, behavioural and mental health services.

Tel: +1 345 949 9355 Email:

Transformations Ltd.

Transformations LTD has a range of psychological, therapeutic and training for both children and adults.

Tel: +1 345 324 1298 Email: