Alternative Medicine & Acupuncture

There are several Alternative Medicine Practitioners in the Cayman Islands. Alternative therapies are not part of Western Medicine healthcare systems, but many people believe that they complement science based medicine.

Practitioners of Acupuncture follow Traditional Chinese Medicine, and they insert thin needles into acupuncture points to relieve pain.

Da Vinci Centre for Wellness and Alternative Therapies

The Da Vinci Centre's licensed specialists offer clients a selection of alternative therapy treatments, including acupuncture, Chinese therapies, reflexology, Reiki and guided meditation.

Tel: +1 345 943 2002 Email:

RVC Rehab Services

Uma Lenin BSc PT CKTP (Doc ALT MED)

Tel: +1 345 949 6024 Email:

Violetta Kanarek NCCAOM L.Ac.

Based at Cayman Clinic, 439 Crewe Road

Tel: +1 345 946 4420

Will of Wellness