If you require urgent medical assistance, the number to ring for First Responders/ Emergency Services in the Cayman Islands is 911. See our Accident and Emergency page for more information.

In this section we provide useful and comprehensive information on doctors in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac on our General & Family Doctors and Medical Specialists pages as well as outlining Health Insurance options and everything you need to know about Having a Baby in Cayman.

All information here is taken from the Medical & Dental Council of registered doctors and healthcare workers and it is then double-checked and finally listed in order by medical field. It is the easiest, most accurate and up-to-date place to find any health related information.

A broad range of medical services are available on Grand Cayman, with three fully equipped hospitals, numerous clinics and many private specialist doctors and general practitioners. The Island has technologically advanced excellence in cardiac surgery, chemotherapy, hospice care and in-home nursing. See our Oncology section for more information on cancer treatment.

Cayman has a forensic laboratory that has received the highest level of international acclaim possible for its toxicology testing, advanced radiology services, computerised tomography (CTs), “no squeeze” digital mammograms, a 3.0 Tesla MRI machine, 3D and 4D ultrasounds, echocardiography, and GI endoscopy.

In 2017 cutting edge health practitioners brought to the Island hydrotherapy (Will Of Wellness), and IV medical spa (REVIV Cayman), and aerial yoga stretch therapy (Quintessential Flow & Therapeutic Movement), continuing to encourage a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Given the broad range of services available, Cayman can provide quality care for most medical situations. However, healthcare and medications are costly, so it is essential that you either have a health insurance policy in force if you are visiting, or health insurance coverage if you are resident. In fact, health insurance for residents is mandatory.

Cayman Islands residents may be referred to overseas hospitals and other facilities for specific treatments that are either unavailable or not commonly performed on-island.

Premature babies, people visiting specialists or having complicated surgery, as well as those injured in a severe accident, are often airlifted off-island for treatment. See our Overseas Hospitals section for more information.

Healthcare Services & Hospitals

While Cayman has great fully equipped hospitals and top rated healthcare, certain medical conditions are still better treated overseas – keep reading to review the local hospital and healthcare options and some overseas hospitals that we recommend.

General & Family Doctors

Unlike the UK and other countries, there is no need to formally register with a doctor when you arrive in Cayman. When you need to see a doctor, you can arrange a visit directly. Both private and public, general and family practitioners are listed first, followed by private and public specialists.

For private and public specialists please see our Medical Specialists section. Other practitioners can also be found at the Government’s district clinics.

Dental Care

The level of dental care available in Cayman is sophisticated enough to minimise the need to travel overseas for specialist treatment. There is a wide selection of dentists practising in the Cayman Islands. Pain management treatment combined with orthodontics is available on-Island to treat headaches and jaw-related pain.

Eye Care

We are fortunate to benefit from a wide range of eye care in the Cayman Islands from some excellent optometrists and Ophthalmologists.

Allied Health

In this section we give detailed information on Allied Health care providers in the Cayman Islands. We describe each of the allied health professionals on Grand Cayman in order of their chosen field. This is the easiest, most accurate and up to date place to find any allied health related information!

Health Insurance

Every resident of the Cayman Islands is required, by law, to have an active health insurance policy in place. Employers are mandated, at the very minimum, to provide a Standard Health Insurance Contract (SHIC) plan for their employees from the first day of employment, regardless of the type or length of their work permit.

Having a Baby in Cayman

If there is the slightest possibility that you or your spouse might be having a baby during your period of employment in Cayman, it is essential that you read this section. In this section we describe in detail what is involved in having a baby in the Cayman Islands: we give an overview of the general environment, we list all the OB/GYNs, paediatricians, pre and post natal classes, etc.