Business Services

In this section the Cayman Resident provides the Cayman Islands' most comprehensive guide to all the business services in the country from detailed information about each service to contact details, including all the locations of the top companies, legal and accounting firms and corporate service providers. We also show you how to keep your business secure and protected from fraud.

The companies we list will provide support while you set up a business in the Cayman Islands or can help with the day-to-day needs of an established business.

From advertising to other necessary business services such as having a company print your signs… to cleaning up the office after a long day, we’ve tried to list all the top companies in the Cayman Islands that will greatly assist you in running your business effectively and efficiently.

You will also find useful tips on how to keep your business secure plus a free hotline to call if you wish to report business fraud anonymously.

Accounting & Auditing Firms in Cayman

The Cayman Islands is a well regulated business environment, so it is not surprising that some of the top international accounting firms have offices here. Most of these international branches operate as full service firms.

Attorneys & Law Firms in Cayman

There are over 40 law firms operating in the Cayman Islands. Many of these firms have a strong global presence and are internationally renowned. Quite a number of local firms have several offices operating around the world – from London to Hong Kong making the Cayman Islands as one of the premier jurisdictions for legal services.

Corporate Service Providers

Cayman has many businesses which are very experienced and well equipped to supply corporate services ranging from the formation of local or foreign companies or partnerships, other enterprise-wide support, or simply assisting with necessary paperwork.

Business Security

Cayman has one of the lowest crime rates in the region, however businesses are encouraged to take a proactive approach to secure their premises, whether using an automated security system or Cayman’s Business Watch programme.

Notary Public/Justice of the Peace

If you need documents officially certified for work permit applications, passport renewals or even when purchasing a home, you will need to contact a local Notary Public or Justice of the Peace.

Anti-Business Fraud Hotline

In 2017, the Government established a whistle-blower hotline in order for civil servants and members of the public to report government fraud or any breaches in ethics anonymously.

The number for the toll-free hotline is Tel: 1 (800) 534 1111.

All calls to this hotline will be monitored and answered overseas by a KPMG trained operator. Callers can expect to receive a tracking number, which can then be used as a reference if they need to make a follow-up call. Persons who wish to make a report by email must use [email protected] and are encouraged to visit the Anti-Fraud Policy website at if they require more information. All claims of fraud or allegations will be investigated by Cayman’s Internal Audit Services.

Advertising Agencies & Public Relations Firms

Do you need help promoting your brand? Are you eager to stand out from the crowd? It is important that you choose the right advertising agency!

Independent Directors

The Cayman Islands is the leading offshore domicile for hedge funds, and as regulators and investors have placed more stringent requirements on good governance and oversight, so independent directors have taken up the mantel of supporting the asset management industry. The majority of all new hedge funds have at least a majority of independent directors on their boards.

Web Design

In the current economic environment, more and more businesses in the Cayman Islands are choosing to have a web-based presence to maximise their competitive edge. Some local businesses are even choosing to offer customers the option of purchasing services and products online.

Book-keeping Services

In the Cayman Islands, many small businesses as well as charitable and nonprofit organisations with limited staffing, outsource their accounting and book-keeping functions.

Printing & Signs

Many business owners in the Cayman Islands increase their sales dramatically by adding signage to their business premises and producing professionally printed documents. Well designed, visible signage is definitely an advantage to any local business with a physical address. Also, if you need large documents printed and bound, read on!

Social Media Consultants

Social media has become one of the influencers in the marketing industry in the Cayman Islands, becoming an integral part of any successful business marketing strategy. Although it is fairly new to local businesses targeting Cayman customers, its use is rapidly rising as the local user adoption rate increases.

Business Plans

A business plan— a formal statement of goals and implementation actions for a business, are typically required by lenders, banks and other investors in the Cayman Islands in order to understand your business objectives. Read on to learn about the specialist companies and organisations that can assist you today.

Business Insurance

Whether you run a small one-office operation or a large enterprise with multiple locations, it is important that your business is fully protected against on-the-job injuries or property damage, whether it is caused by fire or a hurricane. Some businesses may even need to have professional indemnity coverage for their workers. To find the right insurance plan for your business, call one of Cayman’s top providers by visiting our Insurance Providers page.

Business Tax Advisors & Consultants

Receiving professional tax advice may be necessary when running a multi-jurisdictional operation in the Cayman Islands as certain countries require special reporting. Tax advisors usually have specific legal and financial expertise and can also advise private individuals on tax related matters.

IT Services & Network Services

The IT infrastructure that is employed by the Cayman Islands’ top private and public institutions to manage computerised data is very sophisticated; this is particularly true for financial institutions with a global presence. This is why the Cayman Islands can consistently attract and retain well trained IT specialists.

Office Supplies & Equipment

As a global financial centre, it is not surprising that Grand Cayman has a variety of businesses specialising in office supplies and equipment. Many of these companies offer full services: meaning IT professionals are able to sell you a computer, set it up and provide regular maintenance, whether the device has been purchased for your home or business.

Corporate Relocation Services Cayman Islands

Moving to the Cayman Islands doesn’t have to be a hassle. We list a great company that can ensure you transition seamlessly to living in the Cayman Islands.

Conference Facilities

A host of large international conferences are held in Grand Cayman every year, many at the Ritz-Carlton and the Marriott Grand Cayman Resort. However, there are also a handful of very professional and well presented places that can host smaller conferences often with catering options.

Janitorial Service & Office Cleaning

There are many reputable cleaning companies in Grand Cayman that offer a full range of janitorial services, carpet and area rug cleaning, natural stone and marble polishing, upholstery cleaning and window washing.

Small Business Consulting

There are companies that can assist with small businesses and offer governance that will help the business grow to its full potential.

Translation Services

The Immigration Department requires that all documents (i.e. medical and police clearance forms) being submitted from non-English speaking countries must first be translated into English and the translated copy notarised.

Places that can help you do this include Baraud (Tel: (345) 945 1781 or email [email protected]) and the Modern Language Institute (Tel: (345) 943 8254 or email: [email protected]). The latter also offers interpreters and multilingual support for depositions, court appearances, conferences and meetings.

Mail, Courier and Purchasing

In this section we discuss how the postal system works in the Cayman Islands: Where you can receive your mail, what the postage rates are, how to properly address mail to Cayman (with the correct postal code etc), we list the courier companies and finally how you can import general shopping into Cayman that has been purchased overseas.